Know your most important asset: YOUR SKIN!

Do you know your skin type? Are you oily? Dry? Prone to sunburn or acne? Each one of us has a unique balance of hormones, genes, environments and stress level that determine how our skin behaves, but did you know that can improve and even harm your skin with the products that you use everyday?
Check out the descriptions below, you may be doing your skin an injustice!
“Normal” Skin-  
Normal skin does mean the skin that everyone should have, it means your skin is not oily or dry, it is in the middle of both. Normal type is the least problematic and can use most generic products without experiencing much damage. Remember, to keep your skin normal, use a light weight moisturizer with sunscreen and you will have beautiful skin for years. The trick to keeping your skin supple is applying creams in an upward motion to increase circulation and keeping the skin moisturized! Products for normal skin:
 Dry Skin-
Dry skin is prone to dry patches, flakes, and has a tight feeling. If you wash your face and it feels tight after, if you notice flakes along your hairline, or have small itchy patches, you are drying your skin! Look for cleansers that are gentle, rely on your moisturizer to balance your skin, be sure to use it after every wash. Choose one that has sunscreen to avoid sun damage. For extra moisture, use a moisturizing mask 3 times a week. Exfoliating can remove rough patches but apply a heavy cream after to protect the skin. Pay attention to how your skin reacts to your current products and slowly make the switch, you may find you simply needed a less irritating cleanser! Keep in mind; environments with low humidity or harsh air conditioning contribute to drying your skin out! Products for dry skin:
Oily Skin-
Oily skin tends to break out with acne past your teen years, you may feel that your make-up doesn’t stay as well after a couple hours, or you have larger pores, especially on your cheeks, nose and T zone. The good thing about oily skin is it ages better than dry skin because the oils keep the skin plump allowing fewer wrinkles to form. Many young women have oily skin but as they age, they may find their skin becomes drier, especially after age 35. Oily skin needs cleansers made for oily skin to pull excess oil from the pores, oil builds up as you sweat, when you put make-up on or heavy moisturizers. Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin that can trap oil. Choose moisturizers formulated for oily skin and use an astringent to clean your pores out at the end of the day. Removing all make-up before you sleep is extremely important! If you sleep on it, you will break out!  Powdered foundation and blushes are best because they sit on top of the skin instead of sinking into pores like liquids. Products for oily skin:
Combination Skin-
Combination skin is a very common type, 70% of woman, you may have oily skin in your T-zone, and dry skin by your hairline. Use a gentle cleanse and a light weight moisturizer all over, you may want to add a night cream to your dry areas. Cleanse and moisturize twice daily, use a mask for added moisture on your dry skin, but remember to stay away from heavy creams on your oily areas, exfoliate your T-zone to remove dead skin. Products for combination skin:
Sensitive Skin-
Sensitive skin can be caused by allergies, hormone imbalances, or just genetics. Sensitive skin should use sensitive skin products, always! These cleansers, moisturizers and astringents are specially formulated to be gentle, have less irritating chemicals, and interact with your skin in a way that doesn’t leave residue or clog pores. Sensitive skin is the most problematic but more and more products are being made for this type nowadays, so there’s no reason why you can’t have flawless skin too! If a product irritates your skin, don’t hesitate to return it and try a different one! Products for sensitive skin:


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