Apple Cider and Epsom salt together in a bath helps balance the pH of your skin and you absorb Magnesium! Hot soak for rashes, yeast infections, achy joints, headaches, burns, and many more uses!

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The miracle substance- Epsom Salt

I recently came in contact with some substance that made my skin very angry, I had painful, burning, and itchy hives on my calves that got worse at night, so bad I couldn’t sleep!! And while I don’t know what or where I touched this substance, I know that my reaction was extremelyyyy unpleasant. SO at 1am I started googling home remedies for relieving hives and rashes and came across a great article listing some of the many uses of Epsom Salt, relieving painful rashes was one of them…. So I jumped out of bed and I headed to the bath, thankfully my roommate had Epsom Salt!! 30 minutes later after soaking in the bath and applying the Epsom salt directly to my skin, the itching and burning was gone, I could feel it working!! I got out and made a “paste” of Epsom salt and water and applied…

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