DIY Diva: How to Add Color in a Rental

Tired of your white washed, empty looking rental? The 7 Temporary Decorating Ideas for Renters post gets so much attention I figured I’d try and find some new creative ways to let your colorful spirit show without losing your security deposit!


1. Can’t paint the walls? Paint your Furniture!

Get funky and paint your furniture to add a blast of color up against white walls, instead of an accent wall, you have an accent sofa or head board!



2. Wall Curtains

Give the illusion of large windows hiding behind colorful curtains by running curtain rods along the wall, extend out from an existing window or create a new “window” on a windowless wall. Alternate panels and create a “wallpaper” of curtains!



3. Ugly View? Window films to the rescue!

Does your apartment have a lovely view…. of a brick wall? Or worse? A neighbor’s bathroom? Try window films, they come in awesome patterns now and ones with color bathe your apartment in soft colored light in the afternoons (another way to add color besides painting the walls!)


4. Area Rugs, Throw Pillows and Blankets

Rugs not only protect the floors but give you another chance to brighten up a boring room. Pillows are really fun and funky, mix and match patterns, textures and even pillow shapes to give your guest a playful display. Accent blankets can also add color to a bed or sofa!


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