Natural Remedies: One Change Could Save Lives, Including Yours

Studies are now showing the damage sleep deprivation has on our health and brain, the results are mind blowing. We have been damaging our brains each night we stayed up to cram, shaved down our sleep or stayed awake 24 hours due to partying, stress or work. Sleep deprivation and insomnia probably account for almost all terrible personalities, stupid accidents and God only knows what decisions our sleepy headed President’s have made. Think of your sleep as the energy bar in The Sims, or Grand Theft Auto, make sure you keep that energy bar full! You are the only person responsible for your sleep, it could save lives, extend your life and boost your health.  MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HOW LACK OF SLEEP  CONTROLS YOUR LIFE!

This Horrifying Infographic Shows What Sleep Deprivation Can Do To You

This Ted Talk was introduced to me in my PSY 101 class a few weeks ago and I found it extremely interesting, Russell Foster notes as well, that Americans are actually anti-sleep!


Also see:

WebMD-  Sleep Habits: More Important Than You Think

AASM Sleep Fact Sheet


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