Top 5 SEO Benefits of Digital PR

We recently had a conversation with a new client about what Digital PR involves, whose understanding was that PR was PR and SEO is SEO. At first explaining how we research opportunities, assist in planning content and promote content in order to gain a link that not only is on a quality domain but a site that is relevant to the target market was getting tied down to the “traditional public relations” box and not the SEO box. The “ah ha” moment came after explaining that Digital PR is like a traditional public relations firm for the brand but instead of targeting media opportunities, we target link opportunities.

Traditional PR uses high circulation, readership, and viewer ratings to determine who to approach when selling in content to media houses and publishers. Even traditional PR’s who claim to ‘do digital’ still use this this method.

Digital PR doesn’t exclusively focus on the number of followers on social media sites and readers before approaching them. It also focuses on evaluating domain authority and non-paid opportunities for link citations. The success of Digital PR is, as a result, more measurable than Traditional PR.- Media Vision Interactive

If we had to fall under any department, we belong to SEO. Keeping in mind everyone’s goal is to rank #1, here are the top 5 SEO benefits of utilizing Digital PR:

1. Quality Link Building

Digital PR takes research, negotiation and a bit of finesse but it is worth it to build quality backlinks. Quality backlinks rank higher than the client’s domain, have a large social following, can be local or niche, are dofollow, are .edu, .org or .gov, and have a reasonable amount of traffic. The link building process uses a number of tools to determine a good opportunity that analyze these factors on 100’s of websites. Link building shows Google that your site is an information resource that other sites have endorsed and will in turn consider the site for a higher position when a user is searching. Sites without external backlinks “endorsing” them do not perform as well and can be bumped down in rankings for their keywords.

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2. Competitor Content Analysis

Digital PR researches the competition in such a way that goes beyond analysis into outreach. A snapshot of a competitors backlink profile reveals link  building and outreach possibilities  but also provides a look into the current content landscape. By taking advantage of the competitions link opportunities your site can cover their digital bases and new ones. Digital PR is mainly about finding digital opportunities for the website, and subsequently the brand.

3. Content Trends and Opportunities

Digital PR is a cycle that inserts insights and direction for content creation and promotion. Research pre and post content creation can help secure backlink opportunities with sites that accept guest posts, infographics or choose to write about your brand by negotiating with editors- Digital PR finds out what they would want to publish and brings back suggestions for content strategies- Think of it as a GPS for your content to a backlink destination.

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Google started to place more importance on quality of the content, relevant content and premium sites linking to your site.  Therefore, to appear high in Google’s results pages, you currently have to write and share insightful and appealing content and get links from great sites.  PR professionals target larger publications with great content linking to your site.  These days, quality links and content has become the glue which binds search engine optimization and public relations together.- Forbes

4. Expand Content Reach

While the main goal is to secure a backlink, Digital PR inadvertently expands the reach of optimized content by building relationships with digital influencers. Sometimes Digital PR asks for a mention, sometimes we ask to have the content reposted, which opens up the viewership and sometimes we create pieces specifically for a blogger. The larger exposure opens the door for more organic shares and reposts, Google likes that and the more organic shares, the less work for the social and marketing teams.

5. Avoid Google’s Wrath

Big brother Google looks at everything a website does with the purpose of placing the best content for the searcher at their hands in the best order- according to Google’s standards. Since Google bots weigh sites against an algorithm that is constantly evolving, there are certain factors that stick out like a big red flag- Pop up ads, spammy link building processes and the list grows larger every time black hats figure how to get around the latest version. Digital PR builds organic links that won’t lead to penalization by not overlinking on sites (one backlink per domain is all you need from an SEO standpoint) and only securing dofollow links.

Digital PR is becoming essential to content marketing, search engine optimization, influencer marketing and audience building for websites. We are the bridge between content and SEO, a catalyst for website success mixed with analytics. Find out more how to employ Digital PR by contacting us today!


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