Digital Marketing SMB Owner Workshop with Goodwill

Digital Marketing Workshop Introduces SMB Owners to Search Engine Optimization.

 Helena Consulting spoke to a group of small business owners about tseo-workshop, helena-consulting, small-businesshe importance of planning their digital presence and promotion. We introduced some digital marketing best practices to prepare their websites for search engines.

We gave tips on how to dig into a Search Engine Optimization strategy, how to build web presence, how to use content to rank on Google and how to use influencers for promotion. We specifically covered some ways to get local web traffic and how to build trust with Google and consumers. This workshop will be available Quarterly to those who participate with Goodwill’s small business program, Good Biz. The workshop will be available online for purchase soon, this 2 hour presentation will help you understand technical and content SEO.

Here are a couple quotes from the workshop:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the practice of preparing websites for web searches according the standards of the *Google* algorithm. Within the algorithm, there are protocols for local searches built to only show local business results. If your website is not prepared to meet those protocols, you are handing your customers to your competitors.

Technical SEO are the on-site factors Google considers to present the best on-site experience to the searcher.

Content SEO are the factors in your content- such as copy and blogs. Google reads your content and decides if it is the most informative content to present on the subject.

seo-workshop, helena-consulting, small-business

Thank you to Goodwill of North Georgia for hosting our Planning, Presence and Promotion workshop and all the Small Business owners who participated today.

Helena Consulting is here to help, if you have been considering a digital strategy email us today for a FREE digital marketing consultation!


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