About Adora

Digital PR and Marketing Strategist


Location: Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC

Email: Acollins@EverSparkInteractive.com

Instagram: @Adorasaurus

Twitter: @Adora_Saurus

Pintrest: AdoredbyAdora

I love to try new things, I get inspiration at 5am for everything under the sun. Always on! I love to travel but I have done most of my travel with my wonderful family!

I studied Fashion Merchandising at Clark Atlanta University, GO Panthers!

I HATE tomatoes, failing, frumpy shoes, synthetic medicines, drama, zombies.

I cry at puppies, weddings, wedding proposals, babies, the news, heartwarming viral internet heroes, once during a good bye but I am expecting it to happen more, when my mom and sister laugh at ourselves, when my family cries, sad or happy movies (I can’t win!)

Informal and formal education is the pathway to success.

I am on a quest to find out my full potential.

People watching, dancing in my mirror and laughing are my favorite hobbies.

Pursuit of happiness will sometimes override common sense, and sometimes you just go with it. Life is about experience.

Never be afraid to wear the styles you want to wear, alot of places you go, you will never see those people again.

You shouldn’t have to “walk a mile” in anyone’s shoes to have empathy, compassion and respect.

Fashion is the outward expression of personality, let yours shine everyday.

Take responsibility for your actions and  no one can ever make you feel guilty about your decisions. Live to your standard!




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